"Best Way To Study" Experiment - [SIGNUPS CLOSED]


Well, if you can help it… :slight_smile:

At least keep it down to less than your study time and report it under ‘comments’ along with the duration.


Thanks Smurph… I will certainly keep it down to a minimum


I know that the study has already begun, but I was wondering whether it would still be possible for me to join.

My OGS name is Gooplet. I’m around 12 kyu.
I can invest 2 hours a day, but it might not be all in one chunk.
I’d be willing to let you know my age.
(I can’t see the list for some reason, but let me know if I left anything out)


Ah, sorry, we’re closed. But if you’d like to be eligible for a possible follow-up study, you can start to play ranked live 19x19 games to establish a rating. :slight_smile:


1-2 hours
I’ll grind the games out


Sounds good! I just newly got onto the forums when I saw this thread and that I was a couple days late. I’d absolutely like to participate in any follow-up study that might happen, so I’ll check back periodically, and in the meantime I’ll try to get a rating. Thanks, and good luck with the experiment! :slight_smile:


How is the study going? Any news?


Sooo… Nothing new yet?


I’m surprised that none of the many participants have chimed in to @S_Alexander’s last two posts.

I guess the study is well underway and everyone is actively playing games and doing other activities. Is not discussing it on the forum a requirement for the ongoing study?


I believe that to be a reasonable requirement. But what about meta-discussion? Is the study even happening at all? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in if you’ll have me

Approx 14k (rusty)


The study is over. It only lasted a month.

We are waiting for the analysis, but the recent high temperatures are apparently having an adverse effect on smurph’s brain. :slight_smile: There was a request for dan level analysts, but I’m not sure if any games have been analysed yet.

From my own point of view I found the study helpful. I spent a month doing tsumego and memorising pro games. You can find a brief summary in my profile.

For the tsumego, a mainly studied Cho Chikun’s elementary life and death problems on veterator.com site. I generally set aside about 30 mins a day for this.

For the pro games, I stuck to a Cho Chikun theme which in turn introduced me to other professionals. I had never memorised games before and was surprised how easy it was. About 60 moves in 30 minutes was my target, trying to understand the moves as best as I could as I went along. The main idea was just to pick up common shapes though.

The end result for me is that I improved from about 20k to about 17k. I was pleased with this, but it became clear that I was losing games due to a lack of understanding of the fundamentals.

After the study I decided to join the Open Study Room with the idea to play more games and have them reviewed. I also started playing on IGS and quickly reached 16k+, so I think I must have learnt something. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I gained from the study and I hope the other participants did too. I am looking forward to the results and analysis.


Thanks for your account :slight_smile:


Obligatory monthly bump for this thread. Maybe someone else will chime in with their story while smurph is figuring stuff out.






Almost forgot!


That’s it! Back to Winnipeg!


If there is some delay with the analysis, perhaps it would be worthwhile to simply release the raw data?