Best Website for Go Problems?

Hi All,

I’ve been looking for a place to find good go problems, The puzzles page here on OGS doesn’t have a ‘solution’ mode and will more often than not not explain why a certain solution is successful.

Any links?


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check this page: under tsumegos
also here:

But I am afraid that it is going to be difficult to find something if you are looking for detailed explanations of the tsumegos… They are more of a specific practice thingy while you usually learn the overall techinques and tesujis from books or experience…

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Any website with go problems are good. Problems may not have an explanation but you should really slow down and explore the variations yourself to find out why it’s the answer. It’s really easy to see the answer and then agree with it, but you won’t really learn anything until you look at it thoroughly.

Sounds like the AGA web site would suit you well. They have a great variety in their archive (though many are rather difficult), give variations that aid understanding, have limited comments on the moves, and always give the solution variation.

Do you know where I might find any of those books for free? I’m unable to purchase any because of where I live. :confused:

I’ve been looking online, but I still haven’t found any.

Well, obviously I cant (nor want to) share illegal sources and most of the books are copyrighted… In the remote case that it really was the only option for you I recommend picking a particular title and searching for it rather than trying some general search. I am sure you will be able to find something after some effort.

Otherwise, on the off chance you have not noticed, there are some books to check out in the page I mentioned earlier (under books, duh :wink: ) Shape up is a great free book for example, but it is rather concerned with shape then tesuji, and perhaps for little more advanced players…

You can try browsing through this forum for some tips on books:

If you are (for some reason) using apple devices I have heared there is a great app with go books for free or for reasonable prices.

Other than that I really don’t know what else to do. It is the 21st century If the problem with buying books in your country is related only with shipping you can of course buy most of the famous books in electronic formats (unless you are unable to use PayPal or credit cards allthogether…)

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Yes, that actually is the problem, there’s no way for me to acquire any foreign currency, so I can’t even by e-books. :sweat_smile:

Other than that, thanks allot! I’ll check out those links. :grin:

I found the answer files for most of the problems I wanted just by doing web searches that include the number of an answer. The answers are helpful when one gives up. Rarely, the problems or the answers are actually incorrect. But most of the time when they seem incorrect they are actually correct, so sometimes you really have to spend time with them.

I like gochild

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