Better message management

There is an ongoing problems with messages here on OGS that regularly pops up with people being unable to locate a message that someone recently sent to them because they can’t remember the name of the person who sent it. This is a problem that is even worse if the sender’s name is in an alphabet that you can’t read (or type). Clearly we need some system of managing messages, as well as sending or reading them. I think this may be simple to do.

First, add a “messages” option to the hamburger menu. When you select this it should bring up a message manager. There are two ways this manager could work.

The simplest way is that it would just be a panel titled “messages” with some text at the top (“you have exchanged messages recently with these 15 people”, say) followed by a list of everyone you have sent a message to or received a message from. If you click or, maybe, double-click, on one of those names you then get the individual msgbox for that person.

A slightly more elaborate way would just be a variation of the above with two panels instead of one. One for Sent messages, and one for Received messages depending on who sent who last.

I would also add an extra icon - an envelop perhaps - to the top right of the msgbox that also takes you to the message manager without having to go to the main menu. Admittedly that area is already getting a bit crowded when users have long names. Some tooltips over the current icons there would be nice too.


Something simple: add a message log. (Can include all these volatile messages like announcement, pms, challenges, tournaments msgs,. …)


A graphical interface would be more user friendly. And there’s already a log for banner announcements.