Better naming of games?

Just a suggestion, currently other than the ladder games all the tournament games are named T:xxxx Rx, but I think it would be more convenient for the users to see the name of the tournament instead of the 4 digit number. That way if the user wants to check the result/standing in the tournament he can also check immediately.


True but some of those tournaments have really long names =/

True but the previous OGS displayed the name fully, and I preferred it that way. Or at least there should be a link to the tournament results page so that we don’t have to check which number corresponds to which tournament every time…

Create a field for a slug or generate one based on the name.

What about a limit on how long new tournament names can be? Or, less restrictively, just adding an ellipsis after an arbitrary cut off point on the game name?

Thinking about it more, i guess it doesn’t’ really matter if the name is all that long, i think when we originally made this choice we were thinking the game name should include the player names in it and that that would be useful… but thinking about it now, that data is in separate columns so having a bunch of games all named “[Long Tournament Name] Round [X]” isn’t actually all that bad (and probably good actually ;))… and yeah we can ellipse out the names if they are really long

I’ll add it to the backlog of things to do