Bitten by the bug

Hey all - just wanted to say hi!

After 20 years of wanting to pick up the game I finally managed to get an introduction to the game 2 weeks ago and am now getting a little addicted to the game.

At the moment I’m just playing 9x9, doing some puzzles and reading 81 Lions - hopefully a sensible way to go.


Welcome to the community. Have fun and don’t be shy about asking here if you have any questions, look for teaching games or reviews.

The main advice for newbies is: lose your first 50 games quickly. Enjoy!


I’m currently working on a series of articles for beginners, helping them understand the many complexities of go - here’s the first one and you’ll find links to the other 2 finished ones inside

let me know if it helps



Awesome, thanks for posting that - on the reading list

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Great choice on picking up the game. :slight_smile: Despite people saying that it is mostly “a young person’s game” I think that we are never too old to enjoy one of the best boardgames ever made.

If you want a free ebook for beginners to read after 81 lions, you can try this one :

I wish you good luck with getting into the game. You are in for a treat! :smiley:


So done the 81 Lions - although I think I will have to reread it a few times.

Did embarrassingly badly in all the quizzes, but it seems to have helped - scored 15/15 on my games today and gone up 5k to 20.2k

Will move onto JethOrensin and tonybe suggestions.

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Here’s another nice resource, a web-based tutorial that was created by @AdamR, @Kosh and others: