Black couldn't play the first move in a Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament

Hello, I open this topic to report a bug that happened in all the games of this tournament.

In all these games, black was unable to submit their first move for at least 10 minutes.
In 2 of them, the opponent was able to see the first move, but when they clicked both the moves disappeared after showing a quick error ( example).
We have been able to finish the tournament but it has been very long.

I hope this will be an isolate case, but I prefer to report it :slight_smile:


That’s pretty strange. What was the “fix”, just refreshing the page a bunch or something else?

I think it was just waiting (10-15 minutes every time).
We refreshed the page a lot, but I am not sure that was the solution because it didn’t work in the beginning.

I forgot to mention that even if black’s timer reached 0 black didn’t timeout and their timer restarted

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Ok I found and fixed the issue, should be good now.

Side note, folks will probably be spammed with notifications that their tournament games have started for all live tournament games started in the past couple of hours. But things should be good from here on out.


Thank you very much! :two_hearts: