Black_hole on CGOS

Today, Dinershteyn in his group pointed out that there’s a new interesting bot on CGOS that always plays black hole fuseki and it’s pretty good.

Of course, there’re questions of hardware, playouts and such. But it’s tiny bit exciting. Perhaps, one of minigo experiments?

Dinershteyn is so excited because he likes unusual openings (those faces of spectators lol):


I actually found NHK video on black hole fuseki.


I’ve studied a bunch of games and played the opening a few times, it’s quite interesting. However the bot strategy of the games I saw usually requires pro-level++ levels of life and death skills to really pull the strategy off. Not sure what the human way will be, probably it’s not doable for humans without some loss of compared to normal openings.

Haylee played the Black Hole fuseki on a couple occasions in her Live Go series, IIRC.

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A nice match, with a fight until the last stone.
I always feel astonished that pros every time can manage the game to be so even.

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