Black move

In an exercise for beginner (I am) I have this

In this situation

Why black can’t play R19?

If he’s playing R19 whatever white will play white will loose the stones, but in the quiz Black move is R18.

Can someone explain to me? Again new go player here.

Thank you so much

If black plays R19, white plays R18 next.
Black is forced to take the white stones, because white would play T19 next and the black stones are gone. So black plays T19.
Now White plays S18 for the killing move. Blacks Group has only 1 eye and is dead, regardless if he passes or plays another move

After black R19, white don’t have to play R18 at all, because there is nothing black can do to capture this white stones and make 2 eyes.


Via this link you can check that Black has no way to win locally.

Havanaghana’s Problem

Black to play.

Interactive Puzzle

Play Go at! | OGS

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Great answer for a new player like me.
I still have some doubt but I will come back after analysis.
Thank you so much!

Thank you

Can you please tell me how to create puzzles so I can analyse moves?
Or there is a program where I can put a “board situation” and the program tells me what is the best move?
It would be great to improve for me hehe.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Look for “demo board” in the menu of OGS. Then you can try out variations.

Well, here is info on creating puzzles, but I think that @jlt’s advice about using the demo board is better (at least much less complicated).

Demoboard in experimental navbar is:

I tried but dunno if I’m setting up correctly.
I want something that, after I set up stones as I want, I can click (or something) and the computer says the best move or why the next move (that maybe I want to do) is bad.
Don’t know if I’m clear in my explanation hehe.
I need something that I can set up a particular game situation and after I can ask to computer “if I play this I can / Is good? Yes / No? Why?” or “What can I play next?”.
Demo board can do that? Or I need a sort of game analyser program (like in chess i.e)

Thank you :slight_smile:

You are looking for a tsumego solver. OGS doesn’t do that. Some people have written such programs, I don’t know how good they are and I don’t think many people use them.

Thank you guys.
Maybe I can use the puzzle method, I found that he have automatic moves (and one maybe solved this thread question hehe).
I can create the situation and after the puzzle so I can try to solve it vs the cpu.
Is doable this way or I understood wrong and the puzzle not have some sort of “automatic computer opponent?”

Thank you :slight_smile:

The puzzle doesn’t have a computer opponent. Puzzles are entered by humans who may forget variations or make mistakes.

But i.e. if I close a group of stones they will disappear automatically.
I supposed that it was a sort of automatic calculation, such as any opponent move.
All is set up by the creator then?

If you occupy the last liberty of a group, the stones disappear according to the rules of go. In this case it is not the creator of a puzzle, that lets these captured stones disappear.

Yes this is what I’m talking about.
I’m a new player and not know some rule so in this case making a puzzle can help me to understand something :slight_smile:
I know that is not a “study material” but can be a beginning, what do you think?

I suggest again that you use a demo board and explore variations yourself. The computer will remove stones from the board if they are captured but won’t tell you which moves are good and which ones are not. You have to experiment by yourself and after some time you’ll be familiar with go problems.

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This link may provide you with some basics about playing go.