Black notification bubble says it's my turn in one game, but the game is finished

Here’s an screenshot showing the notification bubble and the fact that I have no ongoing games:

The game it links me to is:


Hi, try refreshing the page…

Hi Seferi,

I’ve refreshed the page many times and the notification has not changed, even though the game has been over for more than a day.

Pinging the devs for this one. They’ll fix it for you soon :slight_smile:


Hi @drewfrank ,

Sorry, i wasn’t much of a help… Usually refreshing or clearing the cookies fixes the problem for me. I’m sure the devs will be much more helpful…

Should be cleared up for you now @drewfrank


Yep, it’s back to normal now. Thanks!

I’ve had the same issue. Just closing a tab and opening again fixed it usually.

Also…White theme? Really should give the dark theme a try, very nice on the eyes.

I wish all sites had a night/dark theme.

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+1 for black theme

But there is an issue where these can get stuck and require admin intervention to clear out. That seems to be what happened here.