Black or white?

Simple question, which colour you like more if you are free to pick?

DO NOT answer that it’s the same, if you really don’t have any favorites, please keep it for yourself, just keep it “black” or “white” here, this is serious business! =^__^=

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Interesting question.

First I thought it would be Black, because of that first move advantage.

But then I realised that playing White not only flatters my ego :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: — it also seems easier for me to play reactively that proactively, easier to react by exploiting “mistakes” resp. weaknesses of the opponent’s formations than to actively create strength.

I think I should meditate about that.

Black for me. The difference is negligible, and it’s important to play both, but having greater power to shape the early game is always more appealing to me. Especially since I’m at that point in SDK-dom where I get endless delight from experimenting with 'dem standard fuseki patterns. XD

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I think that it is mostly a psychological issue stemming from giving black to the weaker player with inadequate handicap. I am used to lose with black IRL. I haven’t checked my stats on ogs.