Black Rock City as a country of origin

Can we get a Black Rock City option as a country in profiles? Thanks!



Sure… but wiki House too.

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First I thought, “uhm, nope, then I could as well demand that the village where live also be added here”.

But then I googled “Black Rock City” and found out that it’s not a normal city as we know it:

Black Rock City , Nevada is an ephemeral town that exists for only one week each year, during Burning Man [1], a radical gathering experience. At its maximum occupancy, the town has about 60,000 citizens and a post office, an emergency services crew, a volunteer police department, roads, houses, bars, clubs, restaurants, and hundreds of art installations and participatory “theme camps”. After a week, the city is completely disassembled – much of it burned – leaving the stark, white desert exactly as bare as it had been when the event started.

Not sure, though, whether it should be added, as it only exists for a week every year. Does it have a flag?




Many burners call it home, so I think having a country flag is appropriate.


Related question:
Who is the keen vexillologist responsible for OGS’ current diverse selection of flags?
I wish to ask them a favour as I don’t know how to do Github ‘Pull-requests’ myself and I am not a coder/programmer.



Well, then I think it could and should indeed be added.

I think this is front-end, thus can be added by those who know how (I don’t).

And I think it must be okayed by @anoek but I don’t think that’s a hurdle.

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Just replace the word “flag” with “insignia”, enable user upload, no more forum threads. :smiley:


Like this idea. :+1: ‘Insignia’, ‘Symbol’, or maybe ‘Emblem’.

I Like this idea too as there are two I’d like to add but would it get out of control?

This I don’t like. I advise taking a break from the forums when this feeling strikes.

and in response to smurph’s earlier observation about the definition of a country; well we already have a multitude of available flags that fall outside that definition. I guess this is a matter of future OGS policy.


No more forum threads as in - not every single tv show fan / social gathering frequentist will have to open a thread just to get their thing added to the list.

I’d like the psi corp, for one. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, it probably wouldn’t get out of control. Compared to the few hundred active community members, there are many more people who just come here to play Go and don’t care about the fluff.

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and for those who do care about fluff, you can always add a flag to your profile pic graphically. It’s just that no one will know what it is. eg.


Though I don’t consider this entirely ‘fluff’. Showing the right emblem may help Go players to link up with other members of the Psi Corps that play Go. :smile:

and in deference to the original poster, @wind_water you can replace your current profile pic with this:
Those people that you most want to see it will probably recognise it. :slight_smile:

Note: To make this work properly you need to adjust your Profile so that it displays the ‘Unknown Region’ option. This will prevent a flag from covering your flag.


Good idea. Actually, my profile pic is of a labyrinth I built at Burning Man

I am not that adamant about have BRC as a country; just thought it would be fun.


Hey, I was just trying to have some fun & post something in the forums; not clog it up with fluff.

I am very serious about Go, and primarily come here just to play.

I really don’t feel that strongly about having BRC in the countries


Yeah, and no one individually has that intention, but the more people ask for their fictional flag, the more likely that will be the result.

I’m just quick to notice such patterns. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, and see the pattern too. Unfortunate unintended consequence of actions. “What if everyone behaved like me?” & What’s fair for one has to be fair for all. Ah, well.

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Hey Kosh, How do I do the emblem trick you posted about? Thanks!

  1. Go to your Profile page (not home page)
  2. Click the ‘Edit’ button under your current picture.

Before 3… The picture in my previous post is the correct resolution for an OGS profile pic so right-click on it, select ‘save image as’ and store it somewhere.
Back on your Profile page…
3. Click on the picture itself (not the ‘Clear icon’ button). Navigate to where the new picture is stored and select it.
4. Click on the ▼ and select ‘Unknown Region’ This option has no flag allowing your custom one to show through.
5. Remember to ‘Save’ before leaving your Profile page.
6. Return to Home page and you may need to refresh for the changes to take full effect.