Black to play? Accurate?

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knew roughly how accurate the rankings are on the problems on the website. I like the website, but im not so sure its problems are accurate in terms of their rank description. For example, I’m almost 1dan on blacktoplay, but on OGS and other problem sites, Im obviously no where near that good.

I don’t know the web site, but game play certainly involves more than life and death. Direction of play, making shape, and understanding sente, among other things, are all more important, I think (even though I do enjoy and solve tsumego on a semi-regular basis).


Oh i agree, life and death are only part of the whole when it comes to studying go. I like the Black to play website, because its just easy to use. I wish it had more functionality and all that. But the ranks used on the problems and the advancements seem really off to me.

I actually ended up hitting one dan on there a couple of times since i posted this thing up. And i know for certain that i am not a dan level player.

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