Black vs White (animation)

TL;DR: I made this, give me like

Soooo, months ago I decided to make a go animation just for fun. It is still unfinished, but I am not gonna work on it anymore due to lack of time. Anyway I thought you guys might like it for what it is, and since the servers are down, you might have some time to kill :wink:

It’s full of mistakes which you might turn into a drinking game or something. Take a shot every time you see a misplaced shadow, some clipping, or slap to physics. :slight_smile:

Still, I would appreciate any honest feedback, thanks :slight_smile:


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing <3

Loved it.

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Its beautiful. I recommend removing the arms, and having the stones appear on the board as the shadow moves across the board instead of the arms, because the arms feel strangely out of place.


Wow, that’s damn nice. I especially liked the rain-filled stone-bowl at 0:56.

Agreeing with Evilest0din that it’d be better without the arms, especially since the notes create this vibe of unseen players.

The music and sound effects were a nice touch, as well as the shots of the lantern, and the rain scene; they all worked together to create a sense of place which I don’t think the board and shadows alone would have done.


Very artistic. I agree, the arms should probably be replaced by shadows, and having the stone float down in that slow-motion shot might be good.

It has the air if an ancient story.


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hmmm interesting ídea about the arms, thanks guys.

Might get back to it to try it out :smiley:

Impressive, its amazing.

Btw how did you do the water in bowl?

well the water is just a semi-reflective/transparent plane based on index of refraction if my words make sense in English :smiley:

If you mean the ripples, it is actually a physics based simulation, so credit for the Blender 3D authors there. It however has a problem when multiple particles hit it at the same time, which could be fixed, but I noticed too late and it can be seen in some of the shots :smiley:


Extraordinary! Loved it!

Makes perfect sense, thanks! I was trying all kinds of shenanigans with textures in my hobby videogame project and couldnt get it nowhere near as nice.

Btw I havent found any misplaced shadows or clipping despite watching twice specifically to spot them - concider it flawless in that regard. Production quality is exceptional - top 0.1% animation I have seen.


Wow, awesome … beautiful … amazing … thank you!

MUST share this in the FB group … ppl will go bananas.

And no, I didn’t get drunk. Blew a puff though.


Wow! It’s amazing! So beautiful!
Did you use 3ds MAX or Maya to make these models?

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Beautiful! Well done!

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Actually it’s all Blender believe it or not. Free for all :smiley:


Very nice. :clap:

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Remember this?!


Very fondly. I first encountered it as a kind of cookie in AdamR’s Go tutorial.


Annual bump ^w^


It’s also game 4 from AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol isn’t it?