Blitz Button Game Not Counted As Blitz Game? (was “Game classification”)


I 've been done my last 5 ranked games using the blitz button but they are registered as normal games. the timings was few mins +10s/move. I don’t get how to improve my blitz rank if none of them if taken into account in this category.
Thanks for this great server btw :slight_smile:


This is classified as normal, not blitz on OGS. Play quicker.

So how can I play blitz on ogs? The blitz button isn’t the good option?
This was my last game for example:

Just to make sure we understand: You clicked this button on

(BTW: I’ll take liberty to change the post title so as to attract more of those folks who may know what’s going on.)

yes as I told you, for the last 5 ranked games

OK, thanks … I know nothing of these tech things but let us, for now, hope that enough knowledgeable people notice …

Thanks for your response. There is probably something to fix here…

Ok. Is it planned to be fix? and if so does the rank will be backward fixed?