Blitz, Live, Correspondence thresholds (again)

I mean we can debate forever the borderline between live and blitz, but at the very least the blitz AST’s and the Blitz auto match button should actually be treated as blitz games in the ratings.

Maybe the quick fix is for the front end to relabel/change the display blitz ASTs and the blitz auto match button to say something like “fast live” or “rapid” instead.


I’d played a 1 x 10 sec 9x9 , which is treated as “live”. Not easy to play a blitz tho

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I actually wonder why that wouldn’t be treated as blitz.

Like in these types of calculations, doing it similarly wouldn’t it be 0/30+10s=10s which should be blitz, unless there’s a strict < symbol somewhere in the code instead of <=?

Yes, blitz is strictly less than 10s.

I think I stand by this then, since the site (automatch/AST) blitz settings aren’t blitz.