Blitz rating bug

My lowest rating is my 13x13 blitz rating so I have been trying to play some blitz 13x13 games, but whatever I do the games seem to end up being counted as Live games. I even found a game through the Quick match finder by selecting Blitz and it still counted as Live! What should I do?

because of bug, you need to use 9s/move instead of 10


Thanks for the quick answer! Then I guess in that case it’s impossible to use Quick match finder ::

Just in case you’re not aware, those individual ranks are purely cosmetic. Only your overall rank is used for matchmaking. So while you are perfectly entitled to pursue boosting your lowest rank, I just wanted to make sure you understand it has no practical effect.


Ah ok thanks for clarifying! I had assumed the overall rank was calculated as some average of all the others and that my lowest rank was holding me back.

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I ran into this today. Will try the 9 second workaround.