Blocked player shows under Announcement history

I’m not sure this should be there

The actual list is in its place, this single entry seems to be a duplicate.


I also get this, it shouldn’t be there as there is a separate section for blocked players.

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I think the idea is that “Blocked” on this page is specific to announcement blocks (not chat blocks or game blocks).

If I’m looking for a list of “people whose announcements I have blocked”, there’s a 50/50 chance I look for that info in the Announcements tab. (The other 50% is that I check the Blocks tab, where this information also exists!)


Oh, I see.

Thank you for explaining. I didn’t think of that because the blocked person isn’t a streamer a anything, it’s a simple blocking for the usual reasons.


Not sure whether it matters, but you could uncheck that box, and they would still be blocked in the other ways. Then it wouldn’t show up in your Announcements settings.

Downside is if they ever do become a streamer…