Blocked Players in Tournaments

What happens if/when a player joins another tournament with a player who has blocked them? Do one or both players get prompted somehow and/or asked to leave the tournament?

No sadly there is a risk they might get paired. Blocking only protects your open challenges not tournaments.

I don’t see this is a “sadly” defect: otherwise you could block the strongest players in a tournament to get an easier draw.

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Using it as a “get away from strong players” trick wasn’t in my first 10 possibilities :woman_shrugging:t2:.

I don’t know how many didn’t think first “people I’ve blocked because they cheat/ insult etc.”.

Although, I think it’s like having to do with annoying people at work. If they do something really bad they’re probably banned anyway, otherwise just find a way to exist with them in the tournament.

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You must have an active imagination to think of 10 others before that :wink: Considering unintended negative consequences of system design is part of my job, so I suppose it comes quickly to me.

But yes, if their behaviour is so bad you really don’t want to meet them in a tournament, contacting the tournament organiser (or mods) to get them removed entirely so no one, rather than just you, doesn’t have to deal with their grief sounds like a good course of action. The organiser/mods should of course not just believe your complaint, but investigate and get the other side of the story too.


Getting a warning could be useful though. Like

UberTroll registered in this tournament, please make a choice
:one: Stay in this tournament
:two: Drop from the tournament
:white_small_square: Don’t ask again.

Uber Troll? Probably a make up name that doesn’t exist … yet.

A more neutral formulation (without naming and shaming) is better.

A one time banned player registered in this tournament.

You are criticizing me for using a username that doesn’t exist?


No. But it would only take a minute for someone to create that account of Uber Troll.

But is that a problem? Or are you suggesting that the user should not be told which player they blocked has registered? I would want to know.

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If someone makes an account called UberTroll, they may be prepared to be likened to a troll.

Just be glad @jlt didn’t pick ATrollante! :joy: