Blocking blocked viewers from view

When I block someone, I don’t want to see them in the game lobby, ever. Not seeing blocked stuff is pretty standard feature that oddly isn’t implemented here. And it’s not just a matter of stylistic choice, some I block for a good reason. Like having legal time settings that won’t trigger the game warning (Canadian) or time settings intentionally set just over/under the limit that will get it triggered for auto warning for unconventional time setting so as not to trigger it.
Sure I could always avoid them but I have to keep an eye out and also remind myself of these players (not worth the brain space) so sometimes i do play them accidentally then i get reminded why i blocked them in the first place. That possibility would be preferably taken out the picture entirely.


I was just about to post a thread saying this exact same thing. It would be nice (and probably more in line with what “blocked” usually means) if blocked users were not only barred from accepting my challenges, but I also wouldn’t be able to see/accept their challenges in the lobby.