Board backgrounds library

I actually wanted to see a profile page looking like a dungeon :grin:


After using that scheme for a while, I’ve found that the white is a little too bright for my taste.

Solarized calls for a luminosity of 212, but I’m currently trying it on 185, which looks like this:

I call it the “pistacchio theme” ^^

Actually, I’m leaning towards an even darker version, with a luminosity of 180.

I’m also considering going as dark as 175. At the moment I’m feeling the colours out. I think my ideal luminosity is going to be in this 175–185 range.


Great name! But I can’t see any difference between the colours on those images :face_with_monocle:

I actually didn’t know we could add custom board backgrounds as an artist this inspires me.


Board: #001334
Lines: #467793
Black: #0D4D6F
White: #FAFFFF

Colors from Match 1 - Google DeepMind Challenge Match: Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo - YouTube

Black: 51518A (courtesy of @bugcat)


Those stones are a bit too blue for me.

How do they look with the DeepMind indigo?


Indigo, 51518A
R81 G81 B138

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This is my favourite one. Once applied, cannot go back to regular board.

How did you apply the tree image to wood texture? What’s the source for the wood texture? I’m interested to try just the wood texture on its own.


With 92 posts, the page is already very slow to load :frowning:
Am thinking to start a parallel thread, for links only… and a textual description of what will be there.

Anyhow, I would like to contribute two blue backgrounds:


(hope those links work)

Edit: and a green background


I was using the GIMP, but I imagine other graphics applications are similar.
I made the image a separate layer and then adjusted the transparency (opacity 70%).
But first I increased the contrast by going to Colo[u]rs | Levels and using the dropper to pick the lightest and darkest parts of the image.

The Oak was from a site selling flooring. The original image was smaller so I rotated, reflected and tiled to make it bigger. Here it is:
I think that’s the one. If not, I used the bamboo one that I uploaded earlier in this thread.
If you need the image to be smaller (it’s 2036), I would recommend cropping, rather than resizing, to maintain the detail. You may wish to play with saturation and colour levels (or not).


I tried a lot of the backgrounds presented here, but this one is just perfect for my needs. Looks like real wood but is not distracting in any way.

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As previously noted, this is my favourite:

Also as previously noted, I was interested in using this without the trees as the bare wood has such a nice grain, colour, lighting, etc. So thank you to @g-g-g-g-g-g-Go for uploading the original :grin:

I have cropped it to select the lower left quadrant to remove the unnatural reflection and to get the benefit of the light centre at the top right so it looks like room lighting:

Then I have played with the saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc to get something that I find very appealing:

Enjoy! :sunglasses:


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It’s not a good look

And you need to make the line color match the background color.


May I recommend the clamshell and slate stones to go with it (second from the right)

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It should look like this

following the steps that @shinuito already quoted above

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This is indeed a very nice combination :sunglasses:

Here’s mine:
Loquats and Mountain Bird (traditional Chinese painting)


Can you put the background alone here?