Board backgrounds library

subdued the red, somehow it turned out very pink on ogs. and changed the orientation this way the shadows are more coherent with the stone effects.

edit: another version still, turns out it aint that easy to create good looking kaya boards for ogs :joy:




I did some image manipulation and came up with this a few weeks ago. I’m not entirely satsfied, but I think it might be good enough to share it nonetheless:


I’ve got a question for this community in general.

Are these images free to use? As in, can I borrow one of them for printing a board for myself and (potentially) for others as well?

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I’m guessing that most of these images were just found on the Internet by the person posting them, and that there should be some sort of copyright issues to consider, but it might be tricky to track down the actual rights holders.

In one case, I asked @tozgrec about some of the images that they posted, which they claimed to have created, and I obtained permission from them to use and redistribute some of their images with my BesoGo software.

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If you are thinking about legal issues, it’s hard to give any advice that you shouldn’t take with a grain of salt, but based on what I know about local laws applicable to myself, I would not at all be worried, if I used one of those pictures on a goban for private use at home and also not if I was gifting it to close friends.

But maybe the people sharing those backgrounds here (myself included) should also provide some copyright details. If I’ll ever try to make a new background and share it here again, please remind me if I don’t use a creative commons license.


I just want a grain of wood, that’s all :sweat_smile:

I mean, yes. But I also don’t want to do what in the business would be called β€œa dick move”, even if it has no legal repercussions.

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