Board color

Hi, my favorite board color is “night play” but I always have to re-set it as I log in: I play on ogs with different computers on different locations, so I log in and out often, and the board color always comes back as “plain” by default, and I have to re-set it.

Somehow it seems that “site preferences” are set once and for all, unlike “game preferences” which has to be re-set at every login;

so I’d like “game preferences” to be set only once, as “site preferences”.


PS: I hope my message is written clearly, and I’m sorry if I’m posting about something somebody already posted about, though I searched for it before posting.


i second that :sunny:

I third.

I know that these settings were originally not preserved across devices since players might choose different options based on which device they’re using. I’m not sure how often that situation happens.

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