Board Rotation Code?

Is there any precedent or existing code for rotating an ogs board ? Thank you

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Is it that you’d want to be able to rotate a board during or after a game and continue analysing/viewing, or to have say your opponent play in the upper right and it appear as the lower left to you?

Or do you just want to rotate the sgf file?

The first I don’t know, the second some software does do that.

I want to rotate the joseki dictionary Play Go at! | OGS

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@GreenAsJade might be the person to know about that.

I suppose it could be possible to have a toggle to have it transform the output of the dictionary?

I suppose Puzzles already have some functionality for rotating and flipping now that I think about it.


Buttons to rotate and flip would be cool I think.

As shinuito said, puzzles would be the first place to look for code.

I like the idea to rotate (or even mirror) the board while the game is running :smiley: ~30 years ago I used to play regularly (but cluelessly) with a friend, and sometimes we rotated the board every ~10 minutes, just to learn to read the board and not depend on one perspective.


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