Boards do not load any more. What happened?

Boards do not load any more. What happened?

This is all I get and 4 other boards are missing.

and this is how it looks in the game:

Try it in an incognito (or private, depending on what your browser calls it) window. If it works in one of those, then it is probably an extension or another cookie messing with it. That’s been our experience.

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same result.
Cleaned out all the cookies crap with bleachbit, no difference.

Worked last night, not any more. I have not added any new plugins or whatever to my browser.

Did you try the incognito window? Not adding new plugins doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a plugin.

We haven’t had any other reports of this problem, which leads me to believe that the problem is local.

What browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser?

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yes, this is why I wrote "same result

"[quote=“crodgers, post:5, topic:9967”]
Not adding new plugins doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a plugin.

I disable ones I had, nothing changed.

Firefox, 50.0.2.
No, I have not. Don’t have any other installed.

Did you recently update the browser?

I know we have had trouble in the past with FF after an update. It’s worth trying another browser.

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Installed Crapy Chrome form the Googe Scum Inc just for this site.

I’ll take that to mean that the boards load properly in another browser. As a courtesy, I have left some links to alternative browsers and go sites.

I’d also recommend using an internet search to find some browser alternatives.

Looks like you have some alternatives, seeing as using Chromium is clearly a problem for you.


There are a few very good open source browsers i could recommend which OGS works with…

Midori , Qupzilla , brave browser …

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FF worked just fine until what ever happened between yesterday and today.

microsoft-edge LOL, you cant be serious.

Looks like you have some alternatives, seeing as using Chromium is clearly a problem for you.

I have no idea wtf you mean by that. Never used this shitty browser before today and only because something has gone wrong with this site. FF works fine everywhere else and has worked here too.

I also included other go servers. In case you couldn’t find any other browser that you are willing to use.

First two are completely unknown to me but looks like those are mostly for Asians. No thanks. You got enough of those here. KGS has practically no games in DDK range any more. No idea what happened there. It used to be happening place. Now it’s just pervs and weirdos arguing in the chat room.

You got something going on with your scripts and css. You FF dev tools or something to inspect the page.

Works on my machine! Maybe you could look at dev tools and try to get some debugging info to help solve your problem. You know, in case being petulant doesn’t fix the problem.


LOL, funny, how there is always some random tool who announces - “Works on my machine”. Really? Wow! I did not know that. But you know what, It works for me too and I have a same browser. How is this noise going to help anyone?

BTW, there was a minor FF update last night for Kubuntu/Ubuntu but I doubt this is the problem because I also have a older version.

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The only recommendation I have left is that you write your own go server. As I mentioned before, we have no other reports of problems with board rendering, Firefox, Chrome, or otherwise.

If you can find an error in the JS console, I’m more than happy to look at it.

You have multiple options for browsers and go servers. If you are just here to complain, then I will simply mute the thread.

I’d say have a nice day, but I doubt you’ve ever had a nice anything.


It’s unclear, are you mad at me or myAccount. Regardless, it sounds like you are rally butt-hurt about something.

Is this post upsetting you too? Rank restriction in start new game is broken

If so, I must have misunderstood the purpose of this particular subforum called Support.

I am beset on all sides by trolls. I am not rally butt-hurt about anything. I just have little patience for anyone lacking common courtesy.

If you check the post, it is clearly marked as a reply to @ifnotmaybe.

Maybe read before replying. It will help you avoid embarrassing situations like this one where it’s clear that you responded without thinking.

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Maybe I did but never noticed that gray name there? So now what?

Why are you even trolling this thread if you have nothing useful to add? I added a confirmation that it works with mentioned FF version and also with the newer one. You on the other hand, are telling this guy to write his own go server. Wtf snowflake? Obviously you are butt hurt over something. Get over it.