Boards Stuck on Loading

I noticed this last week before I was leaving for vacation, but the problem is persisting. I have this issue whether at home or in the office. Regular or private browsing mode. The OGS app on my phone still works, but is less than ideal for live games.

I am connecting from the east coast US if that makes any difference.

I took a screenshot of the issue with the Chrome dev console open approx. 15 minutes ago and there has been no change.

If loading takes longer then usual, just reload the page.

How often does it happen?

I have tried that as well. Unfortunately this happens 100% of the time, rendering the site unusable to me in its current state.

To me it only happens sporadically (in Germany).

Let’s notify @anoek

Can you select the networking tab and shift-reload? In specific I’m looking to see if there is an error connecting via our websocket. Do you happen to have any proxy software running? I notice there’s a connection error icon too as though you’re not connected (though I see you have other tabs open so I presume you are connected in some fashion, but maybe there’s something funky going on with your networking that’s getting in the way?)


Yes getting to other sites just fine. No proxy. Posting from the same system I am taking these screenshots if that helps any.


Very interesting, ok can you click on the ‘WS’ sub tab under networking? That will show the websocket connection, though the fact that you see a tournament indicator means it’s probalby working… hmm.


Looks like it is retrying every 20 seconds

Could “undefined vs. undefined” and “( B | W ) wins by undefined” be related?


For example, this: