Book sale! - what books to get
Please post your recommended books to get this before the sale ends.

I can’t find any information about their shipping costs. How much would shipping to Germany be?
This book seems to on sale for a huge discount. 50$ for this book on Amazon.
For a 12-6 kyu it seems like good purchase.

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Same here. Anyone any idea of shipping cost to Europe?

Just put something in the shopping cart, then go to checkout, then you’ll get that email address in clickable format :sunglasses:

It’s also good to note, PayPal is not an option. Credit card :credit_card: only.

I don’t see how having less options is a good thing.
@trohde you can also just get the address by clicking “Customer Service”. Lol

Back on topic: what books do people recommend? There’s loads of stuff there that looks interesting and I’d like to pick something up.

Mid-SDK, if that changes anything.

(I obviously want Patterns of the Sanrensei for the cover, rather than an interest in that particular fuseki ;))

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I remember hearing good things about Yilun Yang’s workshop Lectures but haven’t read them so idk. Considering there are 5 euro each in the sale and around 25euro each elsewhere I think it might be worth it. On that note, I think I might get them as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah am looking at Yang Yilung’s workshop too and the crosscut one by Richard Hunter. Redmond’s one should be good too though I have not enough interest in that fuseki to warrant a purchase,

Frankly Slate and Shell doesn’t have a really amazing selection imo. I prefer Kiseido and Yutopian any day.

Does anyone have any idea where has the bundle thingy that combines all 6 volumes for Yang Yilun’s “Workshop lectures” gone? I’m pretty sure i just saw it somewhere on S&S site yesterday, also where is Volume 1 of the series?

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yes i saw it too. sold out already? omg gotta act fast. Also anyone know the delivery charges outside US? Not getting any replies from them.

For me, the two most useful books as a Single Digit Kyu player were definitely:

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go” by Kageyama Toshiro
"Attack and Defense" by Ishida Akira and James Davies.

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If only either of those were available in the Slate and Shell sale :wink:

So far I’ve ended up with:

Yang, Lectures 4 and 6
Master Play - seven players
Master Play - Kitani and Cho
Master Play - Lee Changho
Masterpieces of Handicap Go 1&2 (hey, they were a dollar each)

I’m still thinking about Kamakura (for some culture) and Patterns of the Sanrensei (as before, purely for the cover).

I emailed them about the shipping costs to Germany, it depends on how heavy the purchase is, i wanted to order around 8 books which costs 55 $ in total and shipping cost would be around 40 $. Unfortunately it’s alot…

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Yeah, I think I’ll have to pass as well. I can’t justify spending twice as much on shipping as the price of the books.

I’m around 21 kyu on OGS, and most of the books are above my level.

However, I just bit the bullet and ordered the following books:

Chinese Opening
Fundamental Principles of Go
Whole Board Thinking in Joseki, vol. 1
Whole Board Thinking in Joseki: Volume 2
Go as Communication: The Educational and Therapeutic Value of Go
Let’s Play Go: A Simple Introduction to the Game of Go

I was thinking with the savings I got from buying the books, it already justifies the shipping to Canada.

BTW, Kiseido Publishing is also having a sale until the end of the month. With 15% discount and free shipping, I went on a binge! :grin:

How much is the shipping might I ask?

P.S. Oh my I just realised not only had some books already got removed but the entire purchase button got removed from every single book. Guess it sold out a lot faster than I expected.

When I first inquired about the shipping, I only asked for the following three books:

Fundamental Principles of Go
Whole Board Thinking in Joseki, vol. 1
Whole Board Thinking in Joseki: Volume 2

And it was approximately US$14.

I added two other books, so I am guessing the shipping cost would increase. However, they haven’t replied regarding the increase.

I am assuming they are busy trying to manage the increased order volumes.


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