Book trading thread

Go books can be expensive or hard to find. Let’s have a thread where people can trade easily!

Books you own, and are willing to trade, including their condition (optional pictures)
Books you are looking for
Location (Country etc.)
How far you are willing to ship

If you want to set up a trade with someone, continue by messaging them privately. Then please edit your post and delete the books you no longer have/no longer need.


I have duplicate copies (that I accidentally bought last year) of

  • Deep Thought: Extremely Thorough Pro Game Commentaries, Volume 1, Yuan Zhou, 2013
  • The Young Chinese Go Masters, Volume 1, Yuan Zhou, 2015

Optimal shipping in the UK and Europe.

I can let them go for free, or perhaps with just shipping costs depending on what they are. Teapoweredrobot gave me a few books, so I’d only be passing along the favour.


Reducing Territorial Frameworks - Fujisawa
Lee Changho’s Selected L&D | Volume 5
Lee Changho’s Selected Tesuji | Volume 6
サクサク解ける! 詰碁と手筋の基礎トレーニング400 (囲碁人文庫シリーズ)
Get Strong at the Endgame - Bozulich
The Second Book of Go - Bozulich
Opening Theory Made Easy - Otake

^ All in very good or good condition, with the only faults being some marks to the covers

Looking for:
Weiqi Life and Death 1000 Problem
Fundamental Principles of Go - Yilung Yang
Graded Go Problems for Dan Players | Volumes 1, 2, 4 or 5
501 Tesuji Problems - Bozulich
Physical copies of either Gokyu Shumyo or Xuanxuan Qijing
Go History books by John Fairbairn
Pro Commentary books
Korean/Japanese/Chinese problem books in general. Just need the ISBN and I can work out if I’m interested

Willing to pay for books if I don’t have anything you want.

Location: South west England (UK)
Will Ship to: Europe, America

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