Book writing challenge with Young Sun!


Young Sun Yoon 8p has been teaching Go to Westerners for 18 years

and has seen the common mistakes they make. She decided to write a book

to reduce the mistakes we make.

This idea came from her student

How about discussing and studying the contents of the book with the author

and including the parts that students most want to know?

Of course, you will receive an e-book and your name will be included in the book.

How about making a great book with her?

Discord - Awesome Baduk


Unfortunately I do not have the time to join that particular process of content exploration, but if you would like a suggestion for a book or, at least, a chapter, then I’d say that what is really missing is an update of “The Direction of play” with all the new ideas and things and examples that have come up since 1979, which were quite a lot.

Imho, good shapes and the direction of play are all a student needs to begin dwelving into the real fun of 19x19. All the other things we tend to study or laser focus (tsumego, tesuji, joseki, mistakes in positions, attacking, defending, reducing, invading, etc) are nice, but there is an amazing array of content for those things. Nothing new - in my best of knowledge - has been written on the direction of play.