BOOT CAMP 2 "Biting snakes"


No second chances in this tournament, recruits.


If you’re adamant about having biting snakes, you should probably recruit the venomous kind (such as the viper), not the poisonous kind (garter snake). You get the pleonastic alliteration “venomous viper” for free! o/


Thank you, private.
English is not my native language. So it happened. Therefore, I have to use Google Translate. But I will definitely remember your good advice. I invite you to my boot camp so that you can participate in my tournaments. Hope you will like it.


So we are supposed to enjoy boot camp?


I don’t think you want a mid-dan player wrecking your tournaments. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ve played a lot of high-quality correspondence 9x9 in the past year so feel free to grab ideas from those.


The format of this tournament is even better than the previous one. I joined. :blush: