Boredom Tesuji - how to respond

  • In 1853, Charles Dickens invented the word “boredom
  • At Dec 18, 2021, OGS user @frank_kettu
    coind the phrase “boredom tesuji” during one of his game at move 99.

    Go historian Claire Yang on recording the historical moment

Understandable but if that happens too many times this attitude may qualify you as a sandbagger. Call a moderator is a safer procedure

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When the key moves are all pass :joy:

I legit thought there was a bug for a sec.


This may not be true, see:

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Precisely why we need to keep better records for history, and remark the moment. I can imagine in a future date, some famous player gets to use this phrase, the contribution will no longer goes to @frank_kettu


It is not about boredom, but about the combination boredom tesuji.

Yes, and it is why I leave a footnote to remark it. If “boredom tesuji” is coined to be a popular phrase in the future, hopefully the Dickens tibit will be a link (whether or not it’s accurate) to keep it alive (maybe I should make it into a mem post, seems to be more popular that way)

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