Born again Christian go players :)?

I would like to connect all christian go players here together :slight_smile: and let’s play for our Saviour together :). So if you’re born again christian :). You can use God’s given voice or fingers to write something :).

Just to be sure, is this a joke?


Hi @Jedidja87 ! If there’s enough interest, you should consider making a Group. Groups are a way for players to organize themselves into, well, groups of people. Then you’d get your own private chat room and your own ladders and tournaments, if you like. I’d join. :slight_smile:



This is real as the world existence :).

Let’s try to keep it civil.


I am really for real :).

Yes, I’m born again, and my faith informs my strong commitment to courtesy, honesty, and fair play.

It is perfectly natural and civil to ask if a post with more than one smiley per sentence is a joke.


I disagree. This was clearly intended to make a value judgement about Christianity. i.e. “This can’t be real because Christianity is dumb.”

Really? I think that the OP clearly intended to make a value judgment on all Christians that are not “born again Christians”, since the label Christian is restricted to this small group of Christians within the post and it does not seem that other Christians are welcome.

Or, I could give the OP a generous reading and think that they did not actually intend to give this impression.

So, maybe you could consider judging the OP and the response with the same level of generosity.

I don’t think so. To be honest the original post also kind of flashed a warning light in my head for being very close to kind of over the top. It might be atributed to cultural differences. Where I am from people (even religious) just do not talk this way “God’s given voice” etc. I actually thought the original post was supposed to mock christianity…


(…) clearly (…)
(…) judging (…)
(…) mock (…)

This is escalating pretty quickly.

So much judging!


Let’s not drag this out. It’s a subjective call. One that I think is correct.

Based on the lack of offense from the mocking post, I will continue to believe my initial evaluation was correct.

Got it. Implying that all Christians of my country are not Christian is fine and “lack of offense” while asking if a post full of smileys is a joke needs an official admonition to remain civil.

And what better way to “not drag out” things than to post that you are correct and the discussion is finished. Good that you have the power to close the thread and have the last word.


/me sighs


I just wrote about this with good mood. That’s all :). I really love Jesus Christ with bottom of my heart.
It can give like light impression or mocking impression for Christianity. But i can’t please all people and
i won’t please all people… Like the bible says that Joy in the lord is our strength :)… But now we have go group for born again Christians :)!!! Amen to that.

Remember all Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life :)!!!

I disagree as well with your statement. It sounds over the top because playing Go and being Christian has literally no correlation between the two. The line ‘let’s play for our saviour together’ makes it sound even cornier and like a joke.

Also calling it subjective and then self-recognising your own view as the only correct one is as ridiculous as Trump saying that they have no statistics of his inauguration parade yet are able to call it the ‘biggest turnout in history’.

@Jedidja87: Your post is not inclusive to all Christians and should rightly reflect so in the title when you clearly only refer to born again Christians as Christians. You are making a value judgement about Christianity and I have every right to view it as such like crocrobot.