Bot account be a site supporter

I be the site supporter for all player play with this bot. But there are few problem:

The “Golden supporter name” looks not work. It conflict with bot flag, maybe add a yellow dot or something else?

If my browser not viewing the game, when the game end, full AI review not start. I expect it should be auto run.

And, I hope the “profile” item at the front of the left nav bar.

Maybe we could add an indication of if mods are supporters while we’re at it? I think the yellow circle would work.

And I found that if I turn off the “Golden supporter name”, the bot name’s color turn blue as a normal player


We have no desire for this. Mods donate their time, and this is far more valuable to the site than any monetary donation.


Fair enough. Guess one has to be careful getting too overeager with the golden rule. :smiley:

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