Bot Detection

Hello :frog:

Does anyone know of, or heard talk of, any kind of commercially available bot detection tool?
Is there even such a thing?

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Word is that our xhu98 is expert at this.

I would think making a publically available tool would be difficult - it wouldn’t be hard to teach bots how not to trigger it if they have access to it …

Yep, playing against bots that manipulate people to move for them is annoying.
And anybody can detect them in long run and a bit of attention. Using a bot to detect a bot is just ruining the fun, just for being a little more sure. Because you cannot be ever sure. If a player use the analyze tool, or estimate score, is already kind of cheating compared with the real play. But it cheats himself too. I really hate counting, so I use estimating tool a lot. So, a player may use a bot for every move, and will raise in rank very fast, and will be actually a puppet for the bot, or a bot with a second identity, and this is it, bots are insinuating in our lives a lot not only on goban. Or may be use the bot only for a move now and then, or just to get an idea of the direction of the play, and you really cannot catch him, but will be like using the analyze tool. So actually you cannot do anything. So I chose to ignore the fact. I just enjoy the the game. I do not care who is playing on the other side.


Simply fantastic :smiley:

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