Bot Natsu never plays first move?

I’ve tried twice this evening to start a 9x9 match against Natsu (Fuego); both times it was black and never played the first move. I canceled once and let it timeout after twenty minutes the second time. Are the bots here unreliable?

In a way they are unreliable. From what I have heard sometimes they are offline

I will note that natsu is the worst… that fuego engine likes to take its time sometimes :frowning: and the bot instances are shared by others playing at the same time, so sometimes it can get kinda slow. We’ll be improving things as we go along, but it’s not the highest priority at the moment since they’re kinda working mostly :slight_smile:

Hm, it does seem worse than normal right now, looking into it now…

Ok I put a fix in that should help this out a bit.

Better now, thanks.

Just wanted to bump this to report that Fuego seems to be having similar issues again. It’s not completely failing to start a game, but me, my wife, and a friend have all had it randomly stop playing in the middle of a number of games recently.

Fuego has stopped playing for a few of my games as well.