Bothersome behaviour with coordinates when using Chinese labels


Whatever I use Chinese or English version of the site, X labels go from A to T (e.g. for 19x19).

But, for Y labels go ascending from the top to down regarding the Chinese version and from the bottom to up in the English version.

When in the game chat, I want to share a position while using the Chinese version, I mentally translate 一 to 1, 二 to 2, and so on. But my conversion leads to a wrong position since the Y gets indexed the English way.

What is the problem? What could it be the solution?

Does @anoek have any thoughts on it ? And anyone else.

It’s quite annoying when commenting a game :’)



Yes… I don’t what is wrong: the presentation order OR the translation when the user locates with Western labels.


This is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed, but in the mean time, I believe if you click in chat and then click on the board it will automatically create a chat link to that location (theoretically, this link should remain relative to the intersection of interest regardless of the language)

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Thanks a lot but I seldom play on desktop! Almost always on my mobile handset.

But if you workaround works, it will help many.



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alt+click on the intersection (at least on the Mac)

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Or just tell people you are using English or Chinese coordinates.