Bots are not working

Hello, bots are not working. I can’t play with them, they don’t make moves. What could be the reason ?

Can you provide some more information? Which bot(s)? Can you give a link to the game(s) that are having problems? What are the time settings?

Bots are owned and operated by individual players, not by OGS. So the best thing to do is to contact the bot owner, who is listed on the bot’s profile page.


no bots are working


bots are not online

All four bots you listed have completed games since your experience. Spectral-10k is playing a game right now. Perhaps there was a brief site issue, or perhaps there is a problem with your service provider. Also, I notice that all four games were created at the same time, so perhaps there is a rule against that (this is pure speculation; I have no idea whether such a rule exists).

Problem in the account, apparently in its settings. But I don’t understand which ones. I have created a new account, it works. Maybe someone knows what the problem is?

Maybe. Checked settings, can’t find anything.

I have not changed the settings. And I also cannot find a problem in it. Maybe I have some kind of ban?

Csn you play with human opponent?

Yes, I can.

Anyone to help? I am short of ideas.

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