Bots bug and don't play

Hi. I’d like to remark that some bots bug at certain board siezes, for instance Amaranthus on 9x9. He simply doesn’t play. Neither as white nor as black. Are there any chances it will be fixed?

EDIT: I checked he doesn’t play on 13x13 either -_-

EDIT2: He doesn’t play 19x19 either. What am I supposed to do?

Is this a bug? Bots are not necessarily trained on all board sizes.

He doesn’t even play 19x19 (check the pic above).

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When there is an issue with a bot, you can take it up with the bot’s manager. For this bot that seems to be @anoek.

From the bot’s game history, it looks like it stopped working some 2 days ago.

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Why do you say this is anoek’s bot? I don’t see any owner/admin identification on the bot profile (where it should be). Is this info available in another location?

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I think this may be due to the game notifications bug. I know there is s game for amybot that the bot does not get notified of so it never plays.

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I see it flashing briefly when I refresh that bot’s player page. I don’t know why it disappears quickly.


It flashes so fast, I had to do it 4 times before I could read it. Seems like a bug.

@anoek FYI

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