Bots for noobs?

Hello, it is a lengthy topic, but I will try to make my answer readable :smiley:

similar idea has been talked about here - maybe some of it will also apply to you

First off - I would pretty much recommend getting over the anxiety and playing humans… We all started one day and most of us still remember the pain and are welcoming to beginners. Feel free to ask for a teaching game here at the forums.

OGS is not running any of the bots avilable and we are developing none. They are all managed by third parties and our users. Master mantis used to be avilable for beginners (although it was still about 15k)
now I see it is not listed. @Kungfu_Panda (sorry to bother, just tagging you to show we miss your bot :slight_smile: )

But other than that it seems there is little interest in developing “bad” bots. If you insist on playing “amateur” level bots, there are some pretty basic on android devices: