Bots only play by chinese rules even when I specifically require Japanese rules. Could someone help?

Whenever I play against a bot and I require Japanese rules it still plays with Chinese rules. Does anyone know why this is? Are there some bots that play by Chinese scoring rules and some that play by Japanese rules?

I think bots prefer Chinese rules because they are easier to program. What’s your reason for wanting Japanese rules? At our amateur level it should not make any difference.


Well, there are some bots on OGS that’ll spend fifty moves after the game playing in their own territory. Can’t remember the exact bots but I’ve seen games wind up like that. Japanese rules would prevent that.

But that’s pretty rare, so generally I’d agree with you.

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Another reason (based no doubt on what @SanDiego said about ease of programming) is that this was the developer’s choice. So to find out exactly why the bot behaves this way you must contact the bot’s programmer (OGS does not program the bots).


I see I thought that OGS did program them, but no problem, I’ll just have to play with real people now if I want Japanese rules.

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