Bots: several odd things

Some remarks:

Is there a way to play a correspondence game against a bot? I didn’t see one.

While humans play at about the same strength at different board sizes, bots usually don’t. If the hassle is not too much, it might be neat to have a separate bot per size with its own ranking curve.

Billy GnuGo got black, never made a move and resigned after 2 mins. Well, thank you for not having it time out and making me wait for 10+min.

When challenging a bot, I can choose 9x19, but such a game is never created. It might be sensible to grey this option out, if the bot is not capable of doing that.

If you go to the profile page of the bot, you can send a challenge with different game parameters, such as playing with correspondence timing.

As for the bots not working sometimes, I think they are taken offline sometimes, but it’s just not too clear when they are up or down.

I can not get a bot other than RandomBot to complete a single move in a 9x9 game – been trying for two days.

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We are going to give some more resources to the bots here very soon, we just have a limited amount that we can allocate to them and that can cause some issues.

Alternatively, we support user run bots so if that’s something you think you’d be interested in then let us know.

Also, if you are interested in helping us out it can make it possible for us to allocate more resources to run bots check out our supporter page:

When you say “more resources” do you mean more server space, memory or CPU cycles?

Yep, but those are definitely finite resources!