Bots stop playing midgame

Hi all,

I’ve started a couple of games against bots recently, and at a certain point of each game the bot simply stops playing and I win due to timeout. It’s pretty annoying and I feel discouraged against playing bots at all anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello, the bots are consuming massive amounts of resources on our server. Approximately half of our server time each month is dedicated to running them (thankfully, our server is a beast). I am working to move Natsu, who is the worst offender, to a local machine in the hopes that it will alleviate some of the stress.

In the meantime, consider supporting OGS. Then we can get an even beastier server. :wink:


I am thinking about writing some go game/ai code at sometime in the near future. Is it possible to write bots for this site, possibly through the site API?

If so, would you be adverse to mentioning which parts of your AI code are your most time-consuming at the moment, so perhaps I could provide you with something more streamlined?

We have a beta script for connecting bots to OGS here.

I played The Kid GNU 9/11. After about 18 moves he passes. On my review, we both made a couple of mistakes but I (think) was in the stronger position but not commanding. Then he gives up. Maybe this question not worth answering but I was sort of stunned. Was he bored? Tired? :smile: No clue.

He probably judjed his only group dead and was at loss of how to proceed further. :slight_smile: I think you are understimating the strength of your position. Unless I’m misreading something, White’s perspectives are pretty bleak. He can’t live in the corner as it stands, so his options are either to capture the 2 stones at B4 or invade upper right aiming for a ko. Even if he is successful (and that’s a big if), Black’s territorial advantage will be overwhelming.

This is sort of a related question but really different. Didn’t know where else to put it. The GNU lads & lasses are awfully strong players. they rarely lose. I wonder whether there’s been any thought to making them weaker. But I admire the fact that OGS has made them so strong.

Creating a weak player is easy. Just play random moves. Very quickly, you can figure out what it takes to beat that computer. However, that doesn’t necessarily help you against the next computer, or next human.

Creating an opponent that plays only a bit weaker is harder. Any artificial weakness will soon be recognized by a human player and they will be able to adjust their play to exploit that weakness.

OGS has made the interface to computer players available. I expect that there will eventually be a larger range of strengths available.