Botting at the high dan level

Does anyone else have issues with Fox 8D being 4D OGS and the amount of botting going on in the Dan ranks live games?

I am getting botted very often and some are very obvious. The amount of time they take per move, for example, is the same even on difficult and obvious moves.

Additionally, you can check profiles and see how they do on non-rated games, small boards, or how they did a year ago. You can also upload these games to ai programs and see their accuracy is extremely high.

Regardless, I’m trying to play on OGS to be a part of the community and I just keep getting sandbagged. It is ver disheartening…


The best thing you can do is keep reporting them and keep playing.

At the end of the day if you lose a game to an AI I wouldn’t take it to heart, but you can certainly help to reduce the number of botters by reporting.

Of course we will be aiming to keep improving our bot detection system and add to it as time goes on, it just takes a bit of time.


did you try your tests on top pro human Go games?
who is higher? Suspected botters or top humans?

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Speaking of this, I have a complain. I reported a player over a month ago and I haven’t received any feedback. Not even sure if it’s taken care of. In the past reports were handled pretty fast.

Yes. It’s similar and sometimes higher than Professionals. So pro level play at the mid dan range is highly suspicious or just bad ranking.


I’m not positive of this, but I think there is a botting investigation team or person and the other mods just leave botting stuff to them.

Just a theory though.

If you want to send me a pm, here or on the main site I can let you know what I know about the user in particular. I would be surprised if it wasn’t dealt with in some way, but I apologise if you didn’t receive any feedback on it.


I found your previous report, it was closed because the moderator dealing with it thought you were reporting yourself, apparently. I guess they made a mistake.

Going through some of the games of the user you reported, I can’t find solid evidence of botting, though, but that’s just on first glance.


Will do thanks.

I see thanks. Next time when I report I’ll be more clear.

I’ll accept the investigation result on this particular case, whether botting is confirmed or not. Guess my complain is more about the fact that it took too long (over a month) and there was no feedback.

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