Bozo list?

How about instituting an option, which allows a player to
create a list of players he wishes to avoid? The system
would block challenges from those players, automatically.


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This exists already. Hover over a username and click the circle with slash through it (tooltip reads “Moderation Controls”) and you can either “Ignore chats and private messages”, “Block user from accepting my open games”, or both.


I think this menu option would be better renamed to “Block user” for non-elevated users, because that’s exactly what it does. It isn’t clear enough what “Moderation controls” means to a regular user.


perhaps even clearer: “Blocking Options”?

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In German, the tooltip says “Ignore user”.

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Did anyone call me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This thread was a good read. I wanted to block someone, and now I know I can.

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