Brand new player looking for information and help

Hello my name is Malkery, I’m a new player and looking for help and possibly a teacher. I’m hoping to find someone with some experience that may be willing to get in a voice client to help me further understand the basics! Thank you. I hope to hear from someone soon :slight_smile:

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I know many people who have gotten off to a good start by going through the Interactive Way to Go exercises.

An OGS member has also written an introduction to stone development and health that is really helpful.

Finally, I’d recommend a book that is both easy (and exciting) to read and thoroughly useful. That would be In the Beginning, by Ikuro Ishigure.

After looking at these three things, I went from a total beginner to 15 kyu very rapidly.

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hey Houdeani thanks alot Ill check them out for sure. It’s been a long time since i’ve been excited about something in my life and I’m really interested in this!

Hi, once you learn the rules (and if you do not find someone more skilled) feel free to contact me and we can surely play a few games and I can help you with the basics. (note that I am only around 15k so basics is all I can give you :smiley: )