Bring back old default avatar!

Hi, is it possible to get rid of those ugly, ugly things that are now default avatars? I find them untasteful. I know I can change my own avatar to something less irritating, but I will be still seeing default avatars of other people.

Can you please make a setting to display old default avatar when none is set or, if impossible or impractical, at least give a way to not display avatars on game screen at all.

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I like the idea of the new randomized avatars, but still I think that the colours are a bit like a punch in your eyes, if you compare them to the very elegant and minimal UI. :slight_smile:
I’d say that a little tweak on the color generation could be enough.

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If there is a library of default avatars, I’d like the option to choose one. I actually liked the old default avatar.

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Old default avatar free download:


I would also support default avatar for those that want them.

I’m okay with the generated avatar as well.

Edit: Not a priority for me.

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I think the generated avatars are cool (it’s what Github does too), however I agree the colors could use some work.

That being said, I don’t think I could think of anything at all that’s a lower priority than this. Default avatars not being as pretty as they could be doesn’t impact me in the slightest.


Those are Identicons and are designed to be displayed as small icons. Magnified, to the size of avatars on game screen they don’t look good at all. To use them on this site was a very bad design decision IMHO.

Dude how zoomed in is your screen? With my browser maximized, it’s only 64x64 on my screen. Much smaller than the 230x230 versions GitHub uses on their profile pages.

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