Broken text in Settings - Email Notifications

Could someone please fix up this broken text?
It’s from “Settings \ Email Notifications”

Last three entries have a different point of view (there’s “you” instead of “me”) but it makes no sense.
“Email me a notification when a user sends you a message” ???

I’d replace them with:

  • A tournament I have joined has started
  • A tournament I have joined has finished
  • A user sends me a mail message

Thanks a lot!


Alternatively, perhaps changing everything to second-person language is also possible? What do people generally prefer?

I wonder if things are similarly inconsistent in other languages?

What on earth is a mail message anyway? Should that be like a PM?

And while we’re at it we could also unify someone vs a user


That mail message system is for a feature which was removed around 5-6 years ago, basically pm’s which were saved. Having it there on the settings is just a reminder of old times ^^

I just opened a github issue about it a month ago Notifications for removed mail-feature still exists on settings · Issue #2000 · online-go/ · GitHub


They are in Italian language.

Well, they were before I changed them! :smiley:

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Couldn’t we simplify a bunch of these?

Email me on:
Friend request
Group news
Group invite
Group join request
Game challenge

Stuff like that.

It might also help consistency. It’s not like we already say “a game I’m playing starts/ends” but presumably people don’t get notified every time any random game starts?!! :rofl:


@Lys I told you this needed it’s own thread :smiley: :smiley: