Browseable api does not have "games" endpoint?

Hello, the browseable api does not have a games endpoint even though the apiary docs suggest that there is one.

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Welcome to the club. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want information about Api, better search in the forum. If you don’t find your answer, then ask in the forum.

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Note: you can get data from games/%game_id% (I realize that probably doesn’t help that much)

Yeah, the documentation there has the wrong idea, although the example response is correct.

The example response shows the details about a single game, and the correct route includes the game number (as benjito said):

Note that there’s no way an API is going to serve you all games in one request :slight_smile: (There’s rather a lot of them).

One might reasonably expect a paginated response, like players/ or tournaments/ though :wink:

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Yes, I went looking for that, and for some reason that’s only available over the comm socket.

I think we have to conclude that /games once did work, but got turned off due to the load it would cause.

Yep. Too tempting to try and download the whole database :laughing: plus I assume the fancy indexing that most of those endpoints support gets expensive

One solution/feature request is to publish aggregated games via torrent, so that load on official servers is minimized. (idea shamelessly stolen from that one chess site I always steal ideas from)