Browser crashes


I’m having browser crash issues when using OGS on two different computers. Both running Firefox 35, one on Windows 7 and one on Mac OS X Mavericks. All plugins/adons up to date. The crashes occur only when I’m logged in and playing on OGS. On the Windows machine when I start up task manager it tells me Firefox is not responding and physical memory is at around 95%. :open_mouth: When I force the browser to quit and restart it all is normal (RAM use down to ~10%) until I start playing on OGS, and then it happens again. Usually I can play for some time before the error occurs… maybe 20 to 30 mins? Weird stuff. This happened a bit before the update but the frequency seems to have increased since. It also doesn’t seem to matter much what else I’m running at the time. I’ve tried running just the browser with OGS open and the same thing happened. I looked through this forum and haven’t seen anyone else talking about this, so I kinda think it’s just me, but it’s odd that it’s happening on two different machines. I should say that both machines are kinda old for computer standards - both about 5 years old but the Windows machine has 3 GB of RAM and the Mac has 4, which I think is reasonable… Anyone else come across this or have any ideas? Cheers,