Bug: cancelling conditional moves doesn't work

If you plan out a lot of conditional moves and then hit “Cancel”, they are still saved. You can see this by clicking “Plan conditional moves” again and seeing all the moves that you wanted to cancel.

This may ruin the game — e.g. you accidentally made a mistake, hit cancel and then not realize that the mistake will still happen.

The moves are not committed to the server until you hit accept, so will not trigger as you fear. They are kept on the client though so that you don’t lose a work in progress if you want to back out and explore via the analysis tools before finalizing your conditional move set.

I am not sure this is a good UI decision. I too was going to report this as a bug. In fact, I think I might have previously reported it as a bug. I found this post trying to figure out if I had done so.

If you’re committed to this system, it would help if there was some indication that the moves are not committed.

it should definitely be visible which moves are already stored and which arent. I just wanted to submit this as a bug aswell!