Bug: End Arrow Button Goes to Start

When I was watching a game today, I went to the start of the game. I clicked the double right arrow below the goban to go to the end but it goes to the start instead.

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It’s a strange behavior, it happened to be also. I have to manually reach the end by using 1 or 10 moves arrow button.

I think I’ve noticed this happen specifically in either reviews and/or demo boards.

Was this your experience? Like watching the TIGGRE Ellie cup games or something?

It’s probably something to do with the games not having “main” branch if they’re demo boards, as in they don’t come from a an actual game played on the site or something.

Why can’t you use the “go to the end” button?

I have noticed that behaviour myself.

Because it will put me at the start of the game.

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More info needed:

Like the above you mean?

Try this board for instance

from the

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So - I was addressing the OP’s issue.

He said “he went to watch a game”.

But - I’ll take a look at that review :slight_smile:

Yeah - it’s clear that the “end arrow” goes to the end of the main game branch.

In the example cited by @shinuito , there is no main game branch in the review.

I’m not clear how that review was created - there’s also no link to “the original game”.

This doesn’t seem to be “the same case” as the OPs.

Review with main game branch:

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 9.51.14 am (2)

Review where main game branch ends at turn zero:

If we wanted the “end game arrow button” to go to the end of this fork, we’d face the question “so which fork does it chose … does it go to the end of the longest fork” etc.

I don’t think that’s a bug in the current behaviour, it’s a feature :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: << explicit note : author poking fun at himself.


I kind of took it in a more general sense, since live games can be relayed to OGS on demo boards (which would show up as reviews without an attached game).

I suppose it could be about the button not functioning in a game, though I haven’t noticed it myself in actual OGS games.

I took a look at the pro game that was in the announcements while it was being played. It has happened before as well. I don’t know much about the other information

Well - as it stands the bug report is too vague: can’t be reproduced.

If you catch it in action, please share the details.

It basically sounds like it might be the exact game I linked in the demo board above, since that’s todays game that was announced and involves a pro Mateusz Surma 3p

As someone who spends 50 % of my OGS time on review boards myself, I would love if the behaviour could be improved to “jump to the end of the main branch; except if the main branch has 0 moves, jump to the end of the top variation.” :slight_smile:


How do we end up with reviews with no main branch?

Maybe the fix should be “make that the main branch” :open_mouth:

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I don’t know about reviews of OGS games, but when I create a demo board from scratch, there is no main branch.

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Currently we only have “copy a branch”, “paste a branch” and “delete a branch”. I don’t see a reason why there can’t be a button added to make selected branch a main branch.